What Extraordinary Looks Like

So, I haven’t blogged in a while. We had a sneaux day in Louisiana today. (Yes, sneaux not snow.) I finally watched the BET Honors 2015. It made me think of the extraordinary in my life. LTW Inc of Northwest Louisiana has been officially in business since May 27, 2003. As our clientele has grown and changed, and as we have been making changes in other parts of our lives, we were contemplating whether or not to continue the business. Of course, we have some long-term clients with whom we will always work (www.djstardachamp.com; www.hsentglobal.com). They are extraordinary. So, we have to keep growing, changing, and expanding LTW. Extraordinary has no limits.

As I’m establishing my career at Red River Chevy in Bossier City, and as I continue my AdvoCare business with my husband (www.advocare.com/09063585), we will always have LTW Inc of Northwest Louisiana (www.ltwinc.net).

So, what does extraordinary look like?

It looks like this person.

DJC 2015 001 DJC 2015 002

Who is she? With numerous business accomplishments, memberships, and achievements, she is an experienced and skilled businesswoman with expertise in hotel management, food and beverage operations, vendor relations, profit and loss management, and guest services operations. She has a proven background in improving operational turnaround. She has been recognized as an outstanding manager and team player who generates significant growth in hotel revenue and effectively motivates personnel to provide superior customer service.  She has overseen property maintenance and appearances; monitored all operating costs, budgets, and forecasts including oversight, guidance, support, and accountability for hotels from a financial, ownership, associate, guest, and brand standpoint.

Do you need someone to apply analytical and quantitative skills to analyze and formulate business decisions in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry?

Do you need someone to apply leadership principles to manage in a diverse and global business environment?

Do you need someone to demonstrate the ability to define, identify, and evaluate ethical versus unethical business practices?

Do you need someone to demonstrate unique knowledge related to operating a Hospitality and Tourism business?

She’s here. Introducing Debbie Coleman, the newest member of LTW Inc of Northwest Louisiana. We are honored to have her as our Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional, and Tourism Management Consultant.

She is truly what extraordinary looks like.


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